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Saturday, July 14th 2012

1:25 AM

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He walked into Talan's room and saw Talan fixing his hair."Dude, come on, didn't you hear me honking or knocking?" Cedric asked."Yeah sorry, Kristin was just on the phone, she told me she was sorry. Supposivly." Talan said."She's a bitch dude." Cedric said now sitting on Talan's bed."You're right, girls are always causing drama. Guys aren't ever causing drama." Talan said sitting down on a chair across from his bed."Yeah, guys aren't like girls. That's for sure." Cedric said looking at Talan. "Hey uh, Talan, you ready to go out babe hunting?"Talan ignored Cedric's question and sat down next to Cedric on his bed. He layed porno sex preteen preteen fingered stories back on his back and Cedric layed preteen fingered stories back too, "Why can't girls be more mellow like guys?" Talan asked looking at Cedric.At that instant, the two guys leaned in and kissed eachother. "Woah, that was weird." Cedric said. Talan stopped him from saying more by continuing to kiss him. They paused and when they started kissing again, Talan slipped his tounge in Cedric's mouth. Cedric didn't know what to do other than return the kiss by thrusting his tounge into Talan's mouth.After they kissed the two layed there for moment just staring into eachother's eyes. Talan had the biggest hard on and thought, if preteen fingered stories he could get Cedric to kiss him, what else could happen? Talan began kissing Cedric again. They're tounges wrestling eachother. Talan then rolled ontop of Cedric and began to run his hand up Cedric's shirt. He felt his abs and his pecs and made his way up to his nipples. He rubbed around Cedric's stiff nipples and then slowly began to take off Cedric's shirt. Once the shirt was off it revealed Cedric's surfer, hairless, body. He only had some hair under his belly button which led into his tight bulging jeans. Talan kissed Cedric's neck and continued to rub his stiff nipples. 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As they were driving in Cedric's car Talan said, "So if anyone asks, we were babe huntin all night, right?""That's right," Cedric said with a grin.Talan smirked and said, "Have you given head before? That was great!""I was gonna say the same to you up until you spat it all over the floor. But yeah, I have." Cedric said smiling at Talan."Oh yeah, with who?" Talan said out of curiousity."Jason." Cedric said.
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Saturday, July 14th 2012

12:00 AM

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